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Web Services Databases

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FileMaker web service client databases communicate with SQL databases and REST APIs.

They use PHP PDO functions to execute calculated queries and process results. A single client database can connect to and interact with data from multiple databases or APIs at the same time.

- they work by integrating FileMaker, PHP, PDO, SQL, Javascript, JSON

- modeled in FileMaker 18, they can utilize formulas and functions in calculations

- any field can interact with data entered in to the form or from a database or REST API

- the JSON returned from a database or REST API can be parsed into live calculations

- a database abstraction class can be used to improve database communications

- the abstraction class uses prepared statements to safely execute queries

- the class can utilize SQL transactions for create, update and delete

- calculated output can POST to other databases, forms or APIs

- form collections can be hosted on FileMaker servers

These client applications work with native cURL and JSON functions when using FileMaker Advanced or FileMaker Server or with simple parsing calculations and scripted processes when using the runtime version of FileMaker 18, making it possible to deploy unlimited clients at no additional cost.