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Web Form Processors

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Web forms processors are FileMaker utility databases that watch for information submitted via HTML or PDF forms and then take action based on scripted rules.

Submissions are collected on timed intervals, connecting and filtering data initially stored in databases, e-mails and text files and then dynamically and securely building and triggering new actions.

These actions can be programmed with a very high level of specificity.

- no modifications or customizations are required on the web server

- removes the need for complex SQL triggers or stored procedures

- processes can look-up and merge information from other data sources

- submissions can be validated, fed into calculations and re-assembled

- re-assembled data can be inserted into spreadsheets or databases

- all data processing logic is completely hidden from hackers

- completely eliminates any possibility of SQL injection

By combining FileMaker's calculation engine, script processor and event scheduler web form processor databases help to better utilize submitted information, rendering filtered and sorted data into processes and formats that precisely fit a business's requirements.