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Web Enabled Spreadsheets

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Web enabled spreadsheets are Javascript forms that incorporate Microsoft Excel's calculation engine to provide advanced functionality when building HTML forms.

Initially modeled in Excel and then web-enabled using the SpreadSheetConverter add-in, most spreadsheet functions and formulas are available, so calculations, look-ups, conditional formatting and custom validation can be incorporated as required.

Building complex HTML calculation forms with Excel is much easier than with competing technologies (except for FileMaker, which makes creating forms even easier).

- forms can be stand-alone or pass data back to processing scripts

- calculations can utilize over 230 Microsoft Excel 2019 functions

- WEBSERVICE() function can query SQL databases and web services

- any field can interact with data entered or REST API query

- JSON returned from REST API can be parsed into calculations

- submitted data can be reloaded into for adjustments

Web enabled spreadsheets can optionally be encrypted at generation and configured to only run on a specific designated web site.