Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
SQL is a standard language for accessing and communicating with databases.
We build SQL forms interfaces that connect to a variety of popular SQL databases.
These high-performance web browser-based interfaces can be configured relatively quickly to securely connect to, search, and update information in SQL databases.
  • connect to various databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc..)
  • create, read, update, and delete records (with sufficient privileges)
  • search huge record sets instantly using advanced query controls
  • ultra-easy deployment with zero configuration requirements
  • administrate user and group security via web interface
  • optionally utilize SSL encryption to secure communications
  • run from either ASP or PHP equipped web servers 
Information is always viewed in real time and not cached in an off-line copy so there is no requirement to load proprietary applications onto the device and also no need to dock the device to a computer in order to synchronize changes.
These intefaces auto-size to the screen they are being viewed on so you can use a mobile device, tablet or a full-size computer to search and edit information.
Click here to search an example SQL database with 1,000,000 contact records