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PHP Desktop Clients

Custom Data Services - simple, fast, efficient solutions - Connect with us!

These applications are built with FileMaker and use PHP Data Objects (PDO) instead of ODBC to provide a high-performance, ultra-efficient SQL database client that offers some pretty useful advantages over competing approaches.

- PDOModel abstraction layer drastically simplifies database interactions

- connect to MySQL, Postgres, SQlite, SQL Server, no ODBC required

- work with multiple SQL databases or REST APIs simultaneously

- send calculated parameters to optimized queries in PDO scripts

- use transactions if transaction support is enabled on target database

- add calculations and processes without changes to data sources

- send and receive minimal amount of data for optimized performance

- integrate peripheral devices like bar code readers or scanners

- output perfect invoices, receipts, emails, labels, bar codes or PDFs

These client applications work with native cURL and JSON functions when using FileMaker Advanced or FileMaker Server or with simple parsing calculations and scripted processes when using the runtime version of FileMaker 18.

Take advantage of this incredibly efficient, cost-effective technology to deliver fast, secure, highly adaptable and scalable solutions in a fraction of the typical development time.