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Forms Applications

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Forms applications typically take user input, validate it, apply business logic to it, process it, and optionally create custom-formatted output or take further actions based on scripted rules. Forms can utilize FileMaker, Excel, PHPRunner or Simfatic components, depending on the required functionality.

Excel, PHPRunner, or Simfatic-based forms are hosted on standard LAMP servers and can cover pretty much any form-related requirement. These types of forms POST information to databases, e-mail systems, or other forms applications, making them extremely versatile for many information gathering and processing tasks.

- access web service APIs, perform calculations, merge text, e-mail PDF

- look up prices, calculate charges, adjust inventory, print receipt

- calculate URIs, generate and upload WordPress catalog CSV

- digitize signature and fingerprint, generate XML document

- parse web service data, generate Excel, XML,HTML, upload

- convert numbers to long text, generate check run, email PDF

FileMaker-based forms applications are connected to a relational database engine that allows comprehensive validation and scripted actions based on user input. Hosted on FileMaker Servers and utilizing field-level access controls, FileMaker forms applications provide a tightly integrated environment for building, deploying and managing custom data processing systems with a fraction of the complexity of competing technologies.

Forms applications provide businesses a Swiss army knife with the advanced capabilities and functionality required for complex data manipulation and automation tasks.