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Extremely Versatile Tools

Custom Data Services - simple, fast, efficient solutions - Connect with us!

Utilizing components of FileMaker, Excel, PHP and SQL as necessary provides an extremely versatile and adaptive solution development environment for building and deploying custom data processing solutions.

Here are some of the highlights of working in this environment.

- cross-platform multi-user relational database engine

- precision forms designer, calculator, and batch processor

- programmable calculation grids, lists, array structures

- simple scripting language, comprehensive function libraries

- strong validation controls, enforceable cascading selection lists

- extremely versatile macro and batch processing capabilities

- friendly and efficient multi-user record locking scheme

- field-level security and transaction auditing options

- read and write data to text, ODBC, HTML, PDF, XML

- connect to SQL databases, e-mail servers, file systems

- submit data to web services and process returned results

- integrate HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, XML components

- secure all data communications using SSL encryption

- deploy as desktop, kiosk, mobile or web applications

Leveraging components of 4 proven technologies, businesses can quickly build and deploy robust, secure, bespoke applications that are simple to maintain and iterate.