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E-mail Processors

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Email processing utilities, built with FileMaker and incorporating the Dacons MailIt plug-in, can encapsulate business processes into e-mail transactions, making them manageable via standard SSL enabled e-mail methods.

A wide variety of different actions can execute based on a received message's content.

Transactions can be monitored using standard e-mail tracking mechanisms, and systems can leverage existing routing, security, anti-virus, and distribution list mechanisms.

- connect to e-mail accounts hosted on POP3 or IMAP servers

- extract incoming e-mail messages and attachments into databases

- intelligently parse message data into SQL databases, Excel, or XML

- execute stored procedures or scripts based on message content

- filter, reformat, merge, encrypt, export data into different formats

- forward or distribute merged or processed data to different recipients

- generate individualized database-generated PDF file attachments

- audit transactions using standard e-mail management techniques

These utilities can be used to quickly build and deploy simple and secure information exchanges without expensive server, firewall or security administration resources.