Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
The FileMaker and Excel DAX calculation engines are amazing tools for analyzing, filtering and repairing data, perfect for transformation in extract, transform, load (ETL) sequences.
The transformed data can also be processed by FullConvert, an application that intelligently generates SQL code that creates tables and field definitions on a target system based on analysis of the data and then loads the data in to the target system, adjusting to the source and target datasources to configure the optimal copy mode to achieve highest throughput.
  • support for 30+ different relational databases and other data sources
  • use calculated columns to convert, combine or repair source data
  • adjust target tables, columns, datatypes and default values
  • accurately transfer millions of rows of optimized data
This combination of 3 technologies makes it possible to accurately move data between Access, Amazon RDS, CSV, IBM DB2, dBase, Apache Derby, Excel, Filemaker, Firebird, Greenplum, Gupta SQLBase, H2, HSQLDB, Ingres, Interbase, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks, SQL Azure, SQL Server, SQL Express, SQLite, Sybase, VistaDB, Visual FoxPro or any other ODBC-accessible systems.
This is a state-of-the-art approach for accurately performing complicated data conversions.