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Connect & Integrate

Custom Data Services - simple, fast, efficient solutions - Connect with us!

One of the best things about FileMaker is it's excellent integration capabilities. Businesses can create secure, web-enabled, multi-user utilities which connect to and leverage ASP, JSON, ODBC, PHP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SQL, VBA or XML components.

This approach significantly reduces the time and effort required to build custom information processing utilities, particularly those required to supplement legacy systems.

- importing, relating, optimizing, indexing, and cataloging information

- manipulating, parsing, repairing, validating, merging, and routing data

- applying custom business rules, calculations, or conditional updates

- performing relational look-ups, verifications, replacements, or comparisons

- aggregating information from different data sources for report generation

- reformatting or packaging information for export into other systems

- programmatically generating and executing scripted processes

Using a relatively simple application to connect complex and disparate technologies and datas sources, businesses can quickly design, build, and deploy customized automated processes.

Extremely cost-effective solutions that simplify complex processes, bridge gaps, increase efficiency and intelligently connect people with information. Take advantage of these flexible integration capabilities to solve problems fast.