Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
Calculation forms use FileMaker's calculation engine and WebDirect web interface
to provide extremely advanced flexibility and functionality to web-enabled forms.
Building calculating forms with FileMaker Pro is way, way easier and way, way faster than building calculating forms with other technologies like HTML, CSS,Javascript, PHP.

Complex calculations, multi-parameter data look-ups, conditional formatting, granular validation, scripted processes and precision routing can be incorporated as required.
  • WebDirect drastically simplifies programming intelligent web-enabled forms
  • data is automatically stored in a multi-user relational database
  • forms can be linked to create precisely defined work flows
  • calculated tool-tips can be attached to form elements
Proprietary business logic remains hidden because data is encrypted during transmission and user access is tightly controlled with FileMaker Pro's robust security functions.
Click here to see an example of a fine jewelry appraisal and valuation calculator
Click here to view an advanced multi-user point-of-sale calculation form