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Calculation Forms

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Calculator forms can leverage either FileMaker's or Excel's calculation engines to provide advanced functionality to business forms.

Using FileMaker or Excel drastically simplifies forms programming. Building custom calculator forms with these applications is way, way easier and way, way faster than building calculator forms using competing technologies.

Complex calculations, multi-parameter data look-ups, granular validation, scripted processes and precision routing can all be incorporated if required.

- both can utilize web services to incorporate SQL databases and REST APIs

- FileMaker-based forms automatically store data in a multi-user relational database

- Excel-based forms POST data to databases, APIs, or e-mail systems

- forms can be linked to create precisely defined work flows

FileMaker-based forms are best for smaller, synchronized workgroup applications. Hosted on FileMaker Servers, forms are accessed using either FileMaker Advanced, Web Direct, of Go clients.

Excel-based forms work best for loosely synchronized large-scale deployments. Hosted on standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) servers, HTTPS forms are accessed using any modern web browser.