Custom Data Services
Bespoke Information Processing Software
Custom utilities can be used to efficiently automate a variety of different tasks...

  •  calculating and executing complex or multi-database SQL queries
  •  publishing database information to e-mail, HTML, PDF, or XML
  •  selecting, renaming, serializing, and copying files to new locations
  •  importing, cataloging, imprinting, resizing, thumb-nailing images
  •  parsing, cleaning, error-checking, validating, and repairing data
  •  extracting and refactoring data from e-mail messages or web pages
Past projects include...

...compressing 22,000+ scanned images for web distribution, removing illegal file name characters, imprinting each image with a unique identification code

...performing a multi-part SQL query to return a record set, performing error management on the returned record set, creating and executing a new SQL statement based on the results, e-mailing an add, modify, delete, error report to system administrators

...batch-printing 3,500+ documents from distributed network locations

...cataloging, thumb-nailing, indexing 7,500+ photos, replacing legacy system-generated file names with names required for target system

...reverse-engineering a proprietary security database, transforming 3,700 code-named photos stored in 10 numbered directories into 3,700 subject-named photos stored in 26 alphabetized directories

...converting 38,000+ mixed documents from Macintosh to Windows format, removing illegal file and folder name characters, adding correct file type suffixes to file names, retaining filing hierarchies